Hearty Cooking

Here is a picture of a sweet potato Shepherd's Pie I made for dinner it came out of the oven...I swear! Obviously, it was made with love! How many more pies would I need to make to reproduce the design? Probably could bake one every day for the rest of my life and not reproduce the heart!




On a chilly, hilly ride with David today this old piece of equipment stopped us in our tracks for a closer look. It's a horse drawn grader! An Internet search revealed it is probably from the early 1900s, a time when several mid-western companies produced them. The controls allowed the operator to adjust the angle of the bite as well as the attack angle of the blade. It was a cool example of engineering design from the era.




Birthday Wishes

In a birthday card from Laurie and Gary, Gary wrote a parody of the traditional Gaelic blessing that is worth preserving in this blog.

If you sail your boat, may you have HIGH WINDS,

If you ride your bike, may you have TAIL WINDS,

If you have beans for dinner, may you have NO WINDS!

One might think David and Emily had a premonition of Gary's last line, but 'twas not the case....their card a perfect choice for a TOF Brother!

So, me thinks we have here a glimpse of bathroom humor in the sixties decade? ;)