NC Bound

Wednesday October 25th

We're scheduled to watch the grandkids this weekend so we decided to go to NC early to ride the Neuse River Greenway which we could not ride in the spring because of flooding. It is a beautiful 27 mile paved trail on the eastern edge of Raleigh.


The cozy Morning Glory Inn was our home last night and will be again tonight. It's located in the center of Clayton.  We were delighted to have Katie join us today on our bike ride.

She rode 16 miles and was kind enough to share her lunch with us!

Friday morning, after a leisurely breakfast chatting with a Russian family and a couple from Asheville (both had young adult children performing in the Clayton Music Festival), we headed to Hillsborough to begin our duties at 2:50 p.m.


Since its the week of Halloween, we went to the  McKee's Corn Maze.  I will just relate our adventure at the Maze with photos! It was a fun time!!

Maze Kids

Riding the train.

Hay ride time.


Mommy brought home pumpkins last night and we cleaned out the seeds.  Today Audrey and Henry came up with designs and we carved them. They are now proudly on display with candles on the front porch!

It was a rainy day so we had time for a movie and after the rain Grandpa and Henry got in some Pokémon time.

Great being with you guys this weekend!

Fall Break

September 18, 2017 

Now that Audrey is in school, it is time for her first fall break vacation trip to Lynchburg.  We picked her up in Hillsborough this morning and look forward to a great week!  Arriving in the Burg, we got Audrey unpacked and she wanted to play UNO.

Audrey wanted to fly her kite, so we went to Peaks View Park and quickly had the kite in the air with Audrey in control!  After a spell in the playground, we headed home to play UNO!


Grandpa went for a bike ride today, so the girls had a day to themselves. They painted nails, went to the playground and got things ready to go on Audrey's first camping trip at the lake. And of course, they played UNO!


We packed the car and headed to SML.  First, we got the motor boat in the water and went to the Benders to pick up Aunt Jenny for a boat ride.  We just anchored in a cove to swim when we heard thunder and decided to move up the lake where there was blue sky and sunshine.  Well, within 5 minutes, a wild storm developed with gusty winds, high waves and rain.  We ducked into a marina for protection and got under shelter as it began to hail!

Wet, but safe and happy boaters!

When the storm was over, we motored under blue sky and sunshine back to the Benders for dinner.  We had to improvise, however, because dessert was supposed to be s'mores by the campfire, but the wood was too wet for a campfire.  So, s'mores by the microwave it was, and Audrey thought they were great!

After dinner, we headed to the sail club to tuck Audrey into her sleeping bag for her first night camping with Grandma and Grandpa! 


Grandpa was helping remodel the VISA kitchen so Audrey, Grandma and Aunt Jenny headed to the Homestead Creamery for lunch and ice cream.  However, Audrey's belly hurt and they had to cancel their plans.  When they returned to the sail club we headed to Lynchburg.  A grilled cheese and a movie later, Audrey was feeling fine once again and ready to play UNO!


The week went by quickly and we loved having Audrey with us for her fall break. This afternoon we drove to Danville to meet her Mommy so she could go home to Hillsborough! 

October 2, 2017

After a week off, we headed to Hillsborough to pick up Henry for his fall break vacation with Grandma and Grandpa.  Our first stop on the way to Lynchburg was the miniature stone village on Highway 86.   It is an interesting spot to walk around for a few minutes!  It shows how much time the owner spent building it with care and skill!

Next we stopped in Danville to take a picture of a bike rack and we found a boy hanging on it! After lunch, we traveled to Lynchburg, got Henry unpacked and found out he was really into Parcheesi!


Grandpa and Henry went to Peaks View Park to play with our Ollies and to ride our bikes on the trails in the park. After lunch, we got out the erector set and made something that came from our imagination!


Grandpa went on a bike ride so Grandma and Henry had a day to themselves.  Henry took Grandma to Peaks View Park and taught her how to play with Ollie!  After lunch, they played miniature golf and many games of Parcheesi! At happy hour we were talking about things we like but don't go together,  like salsa and ice cream.  But Grandpa said he might like that....so we tried it.  And we all thought it was pretty good, but not good enough to add to our dessert menu!


We headed to SML.  We got the motor boat in the water, ate lunch at the sail club and then spent the afternoon on the water.  But only Henry was brave enough to go swimming! After eating at Moosie's, we headed back to the club to build a campfire and make s'mores before heading to the camper for the night.

s'mores at campfire


It was a beautiful day so we motored over to SML State Park and spent the morning hiking on the trails.  After lunch it was time for Henry to go home and Grandma took him to meet his Daddy in Danville while Grandpa stayed at VISA to help with a regatta.  As always we loved having Henry with us for a week during his school break!

Henry still loves fishing from the dock!