For Valentine's Day

How would you like to come to our house and cook dinner for your valentine this year? Well....yea....we can do'll tell us what to do, right?  Yes Indeed!  Norman, you bring pears and red wine. Gary, you bring sun dried tomatoes, fresh basil, mushrooms and scallions.

The day has arrived, the guests are nestled by the fire place and the chefs are diligently at work. Oh yes, we cook better with Julia Child!

Pears are steaming, dessert is being assembled, salad is a toss, sauce is simmering, and shrimp is baking. And the chefs dressed to the hilt, are pleased with the results.

What's on the menu?  Winter pears vino nobile, an arugula/blueberry salad, Tuscan pasta with shrimp, and a cake trifle for dessert.

The reviews were great. We now know that both Gary and Norman can cook and there are rumors that a tradition is in the making.

Happy Valentine's Day to our wonderful wives!