Summer Break with Henry

Friday July 3rd

Grandma and I picked up Henry in Hillsborough and headed for Lynchburg.  The plans were to spend the Fourth of July weekend with Aunt Jenny and Uncle Jeff at SML.  Of course, as soon as we arrived at the lake, Henry wanted to do his favorite thing...go FISHING! Soon, he caught the first of 43 fish he would snag over the weekend from the Bender's dock..

We went to the festivities at VISAYC on Saturday and Sunday which has become a tradition.  Sunday night Henry, Aunt Jenny, Uncle Jeff, Grandma and Grandpa piled into our boat and went to see the fireworks at Parkway Marina.  We had a wave-filled ride home but it is definitely a great event on the lake!

On the Fourth, we went to Booker T. Washington National Monument and hiked on the trails.  It is a beautiful spot! In the afternoon, we went for a boat ride in the Bender's boat and had a traditional Fourth of July dinner with hamburgers, hot dogs and chips.


Grandpa had a dentist appointment and then we traveled to Orange, VA, to see campers Grandma and Grandpa were interested in.  With Henry's help, we selected an ALINER Ranger 12!


The highlight of the day was a trip to the Lynchburg SPCA where Henry got to play with the kittens! It is interesting that visitors can play with the kittens and cats but not the dogs.


Today, we went for a seven mile bike ride on the Blackwater Creek Trail.  Grandma and Grandpa are so excited Henry likes to ride his bike.

 We are also excited that he wanted to stop when he saw this sign on a tree.  He is a young environmentalist and that is a very good thing!


We went back out to the lake for an end the week surprise that Grandma and Grandpa had arranged. Grandpa, Uncle Jeff and Henry were going on a fishing trip with Kenny, a local guide.  The trip was a success as Henry caught his first striped bass; a 37" 7 pound fish that stretched from his chin to his knees!

It has been a great week Henry.  Grandma and I love having you with us during your school breaks. And we have proof it was a busy week that tired you out!