April in South Carolina

Saturday April 2

On our way to South Carolina to celebrate Kelley's birthday and spend some time with the Hills.  We rented a condo at the True Blue Golf Resort; which for a week cost about as much as two nights in the Hampton.  How could we resist!  Once we checked in we went to see Maggie, Kelley and Seth and had dinner at their house.


First thing this morning we went to church and then out to lunch.  Later, we walked the beach on  Pawley's Island and then went back to the condo for dinner and a birthday celebration!


We went to Charleston to take Maggie to the aquarium.  First stop was the marina in Mount Pleasant where you can catch the harbor ferry to downtown Charleston and the aquarium.  It gave us a chance to be out on the water!

The South Carolina Aquarium is a wonderful place with plenty to do for all ages.  Maggie had a great time!  The picture above was taken in a temporary exhibit with  her new friend, a red ruffed lemur from Madagascar!

Oh yes, things have really changed in Mount Pleasant since Kelley lived there.  How many years ago is that Kelley?


Grandma and Grandpa had a good time with Maggie today.  We went to the State Park and walked on  the beach.  Then we checked out the alligators on the bike path so Maggie could ride her Scoot.

Kids and water just mix!

After Seth got off work, we all ate dinner at the condo .  BTW, since Maggie was so agile on her Scoot, she was able to take the training wheels off of her new big girl's bike in only a few weeks.  Wow, that is impressive!


Making flowers with cupcake cups and pipe cleaners.

First, we went to the children's activity at the Pawley's Island Library with Maggie's friends Maci and Mackenzie.  Each week the staff has a craft activity and a  reading activity for the kids.  Today it was making pipe cleaner flowers and learning about sign language deaf people use.  The staff did a great job and the kids love the activities.

We ate lunch at a deli in Pawley's Island and then Maggie and Mommy went home to get ready for dance classes.


This morning we picked up Maggie and Kelley and went to Myrtle Beach to get a prize coupon Kelley won from a radio station. We stopped at the mall to check out a new indoor play are for kids. It was a winner! Then we ate lunch in a local deli.

Later, we picked up Maggie at her dance so she could eat with us giving Kelley and Seth time for a date night!


Today, we headed to Georgetown to check out the Bassmaster Elite Fishing Tournament.  Unfortunately, we got there early afternoon so there was not much going on.  But Grandpa and Maggie did get to pose in front of a 25 foot Yamaha Outboard!  Where else could you see one of those?

We then  headed to downtown Georgetown to walk along the boardwalk and check out the shops.

And...drum roll...Maggie got her first ice cream cone!

It's bubble gum!

We finished the day and the week with dinner at the Hills.  It has been a great week and Grandma and Grandpa can't believe how much Maggie is talking and how much she has grown!