First Time

Ever attend a Geek Mob? Well Jenny, Jeff, Gretchen and I have...last weekend in Roanoke at the O. Winston Link Museum. It was a rainy day and we were searching for inside activities.

May the force....

Bands, free tee shirts, funky crafts, a costume contest, comics, and a unique temporary photo exhibit at the Museum made for a fun time. We were pleasantly surprised!

Coupled with a visit to the Wasena Tap Room with Sarah and Jack plus dinner at the Wild Flour Cafe made for a very enjoyable indoor rainy day!


A Goode View Alpaca Farm

Audrey and Henry loved A Goode View Alpaca Farm. They could get up close to the animals and pet them. The timing of our visit was lucky because they had several baby alpacas; more kid sized and more curious than the adults.

Visiting the farm is free but they do herd you to their Farm Store stocked with all kinds of nice alpaca fur items for all ages. It's a small price to pay for a neat visit with grand kids!

Nose to Nose!