A New Path

Gretchen and I spent the weekend with Katie and the kids. It was the first time we saw her since David and she officially separated. Everyone seems to be adjusting well. We had fun playing badminton with the neighbors, walking on the river trail, and just hanging out.

Some decisions in life are very difficult and we credit Katie for making one that will hopefully, put her on a path toward a happier, more fulfilling life! Love you Katie!




Maggie's Baptism

Mother's Day weekend, we headed to SC to see the Hills. There were mothers in attendance, Gretchen, Rachel and Kelley....but celebrating them on their special day was not the only reason for the trip. Kelley and Seth joined Belin Memorial Methodist Church and Maggie was baptized!

The ceremonies were very nice and the church, located on the Inlet is huge with average weekly attendance at the services around 1000 people! It has a very active youth program and will provide a lot of opportunities for Maggie as she grows up.

A tropical storm in the area limited outside activities but it was still a great family weekend! Thanks Kelley and Seth.


Henry's Spring Break

Henry's spring break was the week before Easter, so there was plenty of candy to be eaten! Gretchen and Henry went to LU to see if Henry liked ice skating, but the rink was closed for renovation. So they've got it on the agenda for a future visit!

A trip to Roanoke had us eating lunch in the land of the Hokie' Beamer's Restaurant which in next to the Transportation Museum, our destination for the day!

Henry liked the model trains and he could not believe how big the engines in the rail yard were! Some of the wheels on the engines were taller than Gramdma and Grandpa!

Henry and Grandpa planted rosemary plants and sun flower seeds in the garden....and they are beginning to grow. Also, Grandma had Henry fill all of the eggs for the Easter Egg Hunt we had when Maggie and Audrey came later in the week. I'm sure Henry didn't eat any candy when he was filling the eggs.

Kelley and Maggie came on Wednesday and Grandma read Maggie a "good night" story.

Audrey and Katie came on Thursday and we celebrated Kelley's birthday. We won't say how old she is...but she is more than six times Henry's age!

Happy Birthday Dear Kelley.....Happy Birthday to you!

Friday was the day of the Easter Egg Hunt and a great time was had by the cousins! And I'm sure they saved all of their candy to eat on Easter Sunday!

It was a fun week Henry and we look forward to you coming to Lynchburg during your summer break!