Early Repudiator

Yesterday, I took a big step backward! I have always been an "early adopter" when it comes to technology, but one thing that has been driving me crazy is the price we pay for cable TV; particularly when we do not watch 90% of the channels. In USA Today (iPAD app), I read an article indicating cable companies had to provide an adaptor to provide basic digital service for broadcast channels. So I checked Comcast. They do not have the HD version of their adapter here in Lynchburg, but if I'm willing to sacrifice HD, I can turn in my cable box ($9.xx per month) for an adapter ($1.99 per month) and get the basic package for $13.50 per month. So, Gretchen and I save over $40.00 per month with no change in our Internet service or its price. We still can stream any content from the web, watch DVDs and listen to music in HD and surround sound. I love being an "early repudiator!" $15.50 a month for TV is a price with which my psyche can live peaceably....at least for now. :)



Bunny finds Longwood Road

It's Easter weekend, the grand kids, their parents, and Sally are here. Thirty minutes in and the house is strewn with their arrival not to return to a semblance of order until mid next week! Constant motion, giggles, yells, babbles and cries fill the house and...it really is grand! The big question of the day is, "Will the Easter Bunny get the email and know we are in Lynchburg?"

The answer is YES! Baskets are full, chocolate bunnies and eggs abound and kids are eating them in lew of breakfast! But wait, there are plastic eggs hidden all over the house...and inside those eggs....CANDY! That Easter Bunny is sure quiet, how could he put them all over without anyone hearing a sound?

I found another one!

It was a great weekend. Grandpa even survived a round of cards. Thanks to everyone for coming. Gretchen and I look forward to the next time the family gathers. We also appreciate the fact that you have to be young to have children!

Aunt Sally and the strawberry girls!