Labor Day Weekend

Friday, September 1st

The Morgans and Alexanders traveled to Murrells Inlet to spend the Labor Day weekend at the beach with the Hills!  We all arrived in time for happy hour, dinner and games.

Wow, a 3-D coloring book.  Great job coloring girls!

Henry teaching Grandpa about Pokémon!


Since Grandma and Grandpa were camping at Ocean Lakes, everyone came to the waterpark at the campground after lunch.  We were having such a great time swimming, going down the slides  and floating on the Lazy River that no one took a photo!

We gathered once again at the Hills for dinner.  Maggie found out that she likes chicken legs as much as Henry and Audrey!


Henry, what Pokémon is this?

Today was beach day and it was lovely.  The waves were perfect for Audrey, Maggie and Henry to get long, fast bodyboard rides.  Dinner once again at the Hills and then we watched part of the Virginia Tech game before retiring for the night! Hokies won!!


Today Katie and the kids are headed back to North Carolina.  However, after lunch we went to the Murrells Inlet Marsh Walk to hunt some Pokémon and enjoy the scenery along the way.  Then the Alexanders headed for home and Maggie, Grandma and Grandpa went to the campground while Kelley ran some errands.  We played miniature golf with Maggie and went to the play ground.

When Kelley arrived at the campground, we played in the arcade, then retreated to the air conditioned camper for happy hour before going to the snack bar for an early dinner.  After dinner we said our good byes.  Maggie has school tomorrow and we're headed to Lynchburg.  

It was a wonderful weekend at the beach.  So great to have everyone together! Thanks so much to the Hills for their hospitality! Love to all!!