A little goes a long way!

Last year our monthly dinner group decided to make a Christmas donation to Heifer International rather than exchange small gifts among ourselves. Everyone has really gotten into this and we have a lot of fun deciding what items to buy with our donation. This year's list:

  • Bees $30.00
  • A Trio of Rabbits $60.00
  • A Pig $120.00
  • Goats (2) $240.00
  • Educate a girl $275.00
  • Chickens (3 flocks) $60.00
  • Hope Basket (chickens & rabbits) $50.00

The really striking concept to me is how a little donation on our part goes a long way in making a real difference in the life of a family in a distant land. It doesn't take much.....$275.00 to educate a girl.....really!


Thanksgiving 2013

Off to NC for a four day stay with Katie and David for the holiday. Katie was off Wednesday so we arrived early afternoon on a very cold chilly day. So cold in fact, Katie was moved to go and purchase a Christmas Tree. Decorating the tree was delayed until after Audrey went to bed. Audrey has really changed since we last saw her. She knows what she wants, and she is in constant motion. A bit verbal as well! The acorn does not fall far from the tree!

We're innocent!

Thanksgiving dinner was at the Alexander's, a tradition Jim and Linda started many years ago. Thanks for hosting each year, we look forward to spending the holiday with you guys. As always the fare was plentiful and delicious and we enjoyed the after dinner stroll!

Katie had to work on Friday so we watched the kids giving David a break. We took them to visit Mom at work, and to Trader Joes to pick up a few things before dropping Audrey and Grandma off at home. Henry and I went to McDonalds for lunch, hit the playground and then went to REI to get Maggie a Scoot for Christmas. The day ended with dinner and a movie (with popcorn...a must for Henry).

Henry really likes building things with his Legos!

While trimming the tree, we discovered a 2007 brass ornament with the picture of some "advertisement family" still in the frame. So I took this picture to put in the frame.

I'll let Katie and David explain to tree viewers how exactly Audrey got into a 2007 photo. I'm guessing the gift of time travel!

As you can see from all of the photos accompanying this blog, Virginia Tech is big in the Alexander family. And...watching the VA Tech/Virginia game has become our holiday tradition. "Hope springs eternal" comes to mind for Cavalier fans as it has been an eternity since we have beaten Tech. And this year was no different as we lost the tenth straight game. At least one member of the Alexander family identifies with my plight as shown in the following photo. Thank you Audrey!

Oh no!

Great Thanksgiving! Thanks to all.