Road Trip

Time for a road trip to check out the winerys we passed on a fall bike ride David led near Crozet. First stop was the Greenwood Grocery, an eclectic store with gourmet food items and great sandwiches for lunch. On we forged to Grace Estate Winery with a beautiful tasting room plus a fine cabernet franc. The server was very entertaining, obviously someone who liked to emote! We learned about the tannat grape....grown in the south of France and now the national grape of Uruguay.


Next stop was Stinson Vineyards, across the grape vines from Grace, due north as the crow flies. Their Imperialis port we tasted was fabulous. The owner told us it was made in the same tradition as ports are made in southern France using the tannat grape. They named it Imperialis after the tree planted next to Stomewall Jackson's grave. Why? Well, it is said he stayed in a house on the Stinson Vineyard property in 1862. Leaving for home with a bottle tucked under our arms, we decided that port runs to Stinson Vineyards may well be in our future! Great day Emily and David, we look forward to our next road trip!
BTW...Emily alerted us to a premium box wine that should arrive on grocery shelves this spring. It's called Cardbordeaux!



Grand Idea...Poor Execution

We saw on the news that the The National D-Day Memorial has an annual December celebration where they light luminaries to honor the 2,499 Americans who lost their lives on D-Day. Luminaries are also placed in honor of men and women who have served our country by their friends and family. So, last night we drove to Bedford to attend the event. This year 4,413 luminaries lined the drive up to the Memorial and were evident through out the facility as well. What a grand idea to honor of our veterans! We were disappointed, however, because the LED candles in the luminaries were so faint, there was literally no visual impact. I wish the candles were brighter so each luminary brightly lit a spot around itself. That would light up the entire hill and Memorial providing a visual impact commensurate with the grand idea prompting the celebration!




What's Wrong With Us?

Gretchen and I love Hallmark Movies! We watch all of the holiday offerings. We know they are all the same. Boy meets girl in some setting (Office, Store, Small Town, Palace), they are attracted to each other and forge the beginning of a relationship. Then, at twenty past the second hour, a crisis occurs and their relationship sours. But it is a Hallmark movie and by the end of the hour, something magical happens to resolve the crisis and the couple embarks on a wonderful life together; generally with some fanfare that brings a tear or two to one's eye! I wonder what is on tonight?


Thanksgiving 2015

Twenty minutes from Hillsborough, the phone rang. Audrey just threw up, can you pick her up at The Little School? Sure.....really hope she doesn't have a stomach virus with two days to go before Thanksgiving! She didn't! Wednesday before the Hill's arrived, the ladies went shopping and the men went to the park.

Henry, let's park at Weaver Street and walk the Riverwalk over to Gold Park. No Grandpa, let's go to the park and walk to Weaver Street. OK, Henry sounds good to me. So we go to the park but I can't get Henry to walk on the Riverwalk! I've learned my lesson Henry, next time we'll park at Weaver Street. Fool me once, shame on you...fool me twice, shame on me!


We had a great time cooking Thanksgiving dinner together and the kids got to eat at their own table! It was sooooo good..turkey, stuffing, gravy, sweet potatoes, brussels sprouts, broccoli, cranberry sauce, pound cake, pumpkin roll and libations. Quite a meal!



Friday, Katie had to work. In the morning, we went to the Life and Science Museum. Maggie and Henry loved the tree house where there are many places to climb.


The Butterfly House was a hit too since all of the kids got to hold a butterfly. Audrey was quite enchanted.


After lunch, the girls took a nap and then Daddy came to pick up Audrey and Henry. Grandpa and Grandma headed home and Kelley, Seth, Maggie and Katie had a night by themselves. Thanks for hosting Thanksgiving this year Katie and thanks for coming to Hillsborough Kelley and Seth. It was great being together for the holiday.!