Summer Break with Henry

Thursday, June 29th

Katie had the weekend off so she brought the kids to Lynchburg arriving late Thursday.  Friday we went to the lake with the hopes of Katie taking Henry for a sail on the Laser.  By the time we got the boat ready to go, Grandma discovered Audrey was feeling really hot....which turned out to be a 102 degree fever.  So we headed home stopping at Centra's Urgent Care in Forest!


Audrey was feeling better this morning so we all went downtown to the City Market.  Then after lunch and games, we went to Morris Orchard for peaches.  Fond memories of berry picking overcame Katie so we spend some time picking a bucket of blackberries and blueberries. Plus the kids loved feeding the donkeys, goats and bunnies!


Today, we went to visit the Benders at the lake so Katie could see Jessica and Janelle and their families.  The cousins had a good time swimming and playing together during the afternoon.  

We then went to the Fourth of July celebration at the sail club.  After dinner, Katie and Audrey headed for NC and Henry, Grandma and Grandpa camped in our Aliner.  Henry was bored with the Fourth of July fire works.  Really? Yes really!

Audrey driving VISAYC deck!


We went to CAPS to get a tool Grandpa needed to put the new winch on the motorboat trailer and ate lunch at Sugar and Slice. Henry got a cup cake after he ate his sandwich.  Back at the sail club, Henry swam with a group of boys while Grandpa installed the winch.  After we got the motorboat in the water, we went to Portside Grill for dinner.  Henry was so wiped out from swimming, he could not eat very much and could barely stay awake!


It is time to head for Smith Mountain Dock for lunch and to let Henry let the carp suck peanut butter from his toes.  Hunter wanted to go too, so we picked up Jenny and Hunter on the way.

Lunch was great, but the boys were antsy to get to the carp. Hunter and Henry buttered their toes without reservation and soon had the carp at their feet.  To everyone's surprise, Jenny was caught up in the moment and dipped a buttered toe in the water too!  What grandparents do for grandchildren!

The carp crew!

Henry still loves to fish!

The afternoon was filled with swimming and fishing before we packed up our camping stuff and headed for Lynchburg.


Grandma and Grandpa wished there was a National Park Passport when we started traveling so we could have documented our park visits. So, since Henry is going to Yellowstone NP with his other grandparents this fall, we wanted to take him to Shenandoah NP to get his passport.  It was his first visit to a national park and Shenandoah was the first national Park we visited 1972!

Arriving at Big Meadows, we went to the visitor's center where  Henry got his passport and two stamps.  The cloud behind Henry was moving over the meadow as I took this picture and...

soon Henry was walking into the clouds!  It was a beautiful day in the mountains!


Natural Bridge State Park was on our itinerary today.  We arrived in time for lunch (Henry's pizza was bad)!  Then we walked down to the bridge and along the river up to the falls.  It was a beautiful day but a little muggy and hot!  Henry was a little disappointed because he could not get a stamp for his passport!

The colonials.


In the morning, Henry and Grandpa went for a ride on Blackwater Creek.  It was the longest ride Henry has done to date, 13.8 miles!  Wow, great job Henry!

End of the trail turn around.

In the afternoon, we went to Appomattox National Historic Park where Henry could get passport stamps!  He even got to turn the handle on a printing press! We will not even mention what diet conscience Grandma bought her Grandson at the park store.  It'll be our secret!


Katie had the weekend off so she decided to come back to VISAYC and see if she could get Henry out on the Laser.  She even brought her tent to camp with Audrey!  It was a beautiful day and Henry and Audrey got to sail.  Audrey a short sail, and Henry sailed all over the place!  Hopefully, Henry will want to go to sail camp next year!


Katie announced early on that she did not like camping in a tent any more!  We went for a motorboat ride, and then stopped at Mitchell's Point  Marina to eat lunch.  After lunch, we went by the Benders to say goodbye to the Phelps.  Then it was time for the Alexanders to head for NC and the Morgans to head for Lynchburg.

It is always a pleasure having Henry here during his school breaks.  We love you lots Henry and enjoy going on adventures with you!


A few days with Sue

Monday, June 19th

Sue is coming to visit this week and we are looking forward to her arrival.  Gretchen and Sue lived a block apart and were best friends from elementary through high school.  Of course, I know Sue well too since we all grew up together! Tonight we introduced Sue to our dinner preparation routine; play music, drink wine and everyone has a job.  A shrimp with spinach salad and rhubarb pie was on the menu.


Today, we spent boating at Smith Mountain Lake.  We packed a lunch and ate at anchor in a cove in the state park where we saw an eagle last year.  Did not see it today.  Then we headed down the Roanoke River to the dam exploring coves along the way.  Finally, we headed up the Blackwater river so Sue saw the main part of the lake where the two rivers join.

We stopped at Smith Mountain Dock Marina where Gretchen and I had not been in years.  Like most marinas, they have a carp population well fed on pop corn.  But they have another treat for the fish.  You can buy little containers of peanut butter to smear on your toes for the carp to lick(gum) off! The ladies said no way!!

Photo by Sue


Natural Bridge State Park

Gretchen and Sue headed to Natural Bridge which is now a state park.  They hiked the trail under the arch and had lunch at the restaurant.  After lunch they drove south to pick up the road that climbs the mountain from Buchanan to the Blue Ridge Parkway.  

Sharp Top, one of the two Peaks of Otter. Photo by Sue

Next stop was the lodge at the Peaks of Otter followed by a drive north on the Parkway over Apple Orchard Mountain on the way back to Lynchburg.  The tour gave Sue a good idea of the beautiful mountain scenery in this part of Virginia.

View from the Blue Ridge Parkway. Photo by Sue


Today we went to our favorite spot for lunch, Pippin Hill Farm and Vineyard.  Gourmet food and good wine in a beautiful setting is hard to beat! Thanks for lunch Sue, we appreciate your generosity! We took a country ride via Wintergreen and the Parkway back to Lynchburg.

What if Romeo and Juliet occurred in Appomattox, Virginia, during the Civil War?  A young writer/director from Appomattox had the idea and rewrote the play.  It was staged at the Appomattox Court House National Historic Park this week so we decided to go and see it.  We were so glad we made the trip because it was a wonderful production; a fitting end to a great week with Sue.  Thanks for coming to Lynchburg Sue, we really loved having you with us!