Staying at Jenny and Jeff's house at Smith Mountain Lake, Gretchen and I definitely found ourselves at the wrong place at the wrong time. We talking ping pong ball size hail. We were out at the Lake to participate in the spring clean-up at the sail club Saturday morning.

Saturday afternoon, a severe storm blew through with a pelting hail storm. The hail was hitting the living room window so hard we thought it might break and we took shelter in the basement. Below is a video of what it looked like toward the end of the storm, definitely after the worst part had passed. Note the hail stones plunging into the water. We never heard the roar associated with a tornado but clouds were circling in opposite directions and a tornado was spotted just across the lake at SML State Park. It was the worst hail storm we have ever seen.



After the storm, our immediate thought was to check for damage. The house seems to have made it through the storm OK but that was not the case with our cars. Both the Prius and GMC have major damage with dents all over them. I called the insurance company today to begin the claim process. What a bummer!


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