September 30, 2013, dawns and it is Gretchen's last day of work as the Director of the Health Center at Randolph College. Her career spanned 25 years at the College and 20 previous years of nursing in hospitals. And now it is time for retirement.

Matha and Gretchen

The Dean of Student's Office held a wonderful retirement party for Gretchen. It was readily apparent that her colleagues really like Gretchen and hold her in high esteem. Matha, the Dean of Students and Gretchen's boss, kicked off the program that included comments by Betty and Mindy along with a retirement needs assessment by Anne!

LuAnn, Gretchen, Anne, Betty, Cheryl and Sarah

Gifts were presented, tears shed, good food and wine consumed, games played and a good time was had by all. Knowing Gretchen the longest, I could tell from her interactions with her colleagues that she has loved working with them, is totally at ease with them and will surely miss them.

Current Health Center Staff Betty, Gretchen and Cheryl

It was so nice that Mindy, the Health Center Director who hired Gretchen and subsequent good friend, came from Richmond to attend the party. Also, great that our close friends Gary and Laurie were invited as well! The new president of the college, Brad Bateman, dropped by the party to wish Gretchen well; it is nice to see he is really setting a new leadership tone for the college!

Gary, Cheryl, Mindy, Laurie and Gretchen

Gretchen, you have had a wonderful nursing career and have had a very positive influence on many, many students. What a great legacy that is! Now, it's time to refocus, refresh and enjoy a long, healthy and exciting retirement...and from this point forward...begin your days at a "civilized" hour!


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  1. We were so delighted to be a part of this great celebration. You could tell all the camaraderie she had with her co-workers. But we're delighted that now she'll have more time to play with us. Laurie & Gary