Day at the Lake

June 2nd

Fun day at Smith Mountain Lake with friends. Rowing, canoeing, kayaking, motoring SunShower (no wind), tin foil dinners and Dutch oven cooking were all on the agenda.

Where's Gretchen?
Good job Emily!

David and I broke out our Dutch ovens after several years in storage to make desserts; an apple cobbler by David and a pineapple upside down cake by me. Thanks David, it was fun cooking with you once again.

Oh well, almost got it to flip cleanly!

After dinner, we sat around and watched dusk settle over the lake; peaceful ending to the day! Note: we arrived at VISA to find the water off in the bathrooms due to a water line break. So, figuring all of our guests are avid outdoor people, we broke out the buckets to flush manually. And true to our guess, toilets were not a problem. Next year Gretchen and I will try to schedule to see how we do without electricity!


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