Bad Adventure #2

In the ER.

We're staying with Pris and Phil for a few days on our way to the Erie Canal so Gretchen can spend some time with her mother. I brought my bike to ride while Gretchen is with her mother. So, 44 minutes into my first ride, I had just crested a hill and was trying to recage my water bottle. But....during the process I started to go down the hill and applied the brake (front) with my free hand (left) and it must have been to hard....for I found myself falling to the pavement. No cars, no dogs, just me! Gretchen could not keep herself from sending this photo to all the relatives. The collar is just a precaution anyone with a head injury endures in the ER until the doctor checks you out. I'm writing this the day after and I'm fine with only some facial abrasions and three stitches. The only joint that really hurts is my left shoulder that I injured a month ago. It was almost back to normal but I must have jarred it in the fall because it feels like it did a month ago! I am grateful for the folks on Second Mountain Road just north of Schuylkill Haven who helped me out. They were just super!

BTW, yesterday was a bad day for the Morgan's as my sister threw her back out loading her car to come to PA, had to go to the doctor, and ended up lying flat in bed for the rest of the day. Hope you get well soon, Sally!

It is a very good thing that bad adventures come in twos, for now I know I'm done with them for the foreseeable future!


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