TOF Brothers Update

We have been riding but the app I was using to write this blog was not in service! Two rides were in Amherst County. The first took us from Elon, around the valley by Father Judd and up over Tobacco Row via Wagon Trail Road. That found us heading back to Elon on Route 130 with pie on our minds. This time Woodruff's Store was open and we ate lunch and even took apple pies home to share! The second ride started off 130 near the Parkway with the first stop at the Ottie Cline Powell memorial. Ottie was a 5 year old boy who wandered away from a school in the Pleasant View valley in the fall of 1891 and disappeared. His body was found in the spring on top of Bluff Mountain, about 10 miles to the west and over 2000 feet above the valley floor!

Continuing the ride from the memorial, we traced a figure eight through Pleasant View north to Route 60 and returning via the Buffalo Springs Turnpike to 130 and our starting point. David was "the man" on a bike this day; he really rode long and strong! Great show Dave!!

Total miles for the two rides was about 75 miles.

Sold on the ride to lunch idea, we began one day at David's house and rode to Altavista. It's a downhill trek to Altavista and that means a slight grade returning, but overall a great rolling ride with little traffic and great rural scenery. The Main Street Cafe is a fine lunch stop. Riding a bike 38 miles on a beautiful fall day; great way to spend a few hours!

Last week's ride started in Fincastle and headed southwest through the valley bordered on the east by Tinker Cliffs and McAfee Knob; well known territory for all AT hikers in the region. The lolly pop (think Sugar Daddy) was very hilly with a side trip to the famous hiker stop, the Catawba Store. Good training ride for our upcoming Nelson County loop which Gary announced would be the week of November 14th! Total miles 39 (40 on Tom's speedometer)!

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