A weekend with Henry

Henry visited this weekend; our gift to the Alexander's on their anniversary! It was a beautiful weekend to be outside and a visit to the Layman Family Farm in Moneta began our adventure. What a great place to visit with kids. The giant corn maze is the main attraction for older kids, teens and adults. But for younger kids, there is cow train and hay ride, animals to see, a huge jumping bag to bounce on, slides to scoot down, swings to ride, corn cob guns to shoot, pumpkin patches to play in, and snacks to eat!

Outdoor activities continued back in Lynchburg with Scuut rides in the neighborhood, a visit to the Linkhorne playground and a visit to the tunnel on Blackwater Creek. Henry is a great age; it's fun to hear him jabber constantly about his world, real or imagined. It's fun to ask him a question like, "Do you want some candy?" and have him yell "NO" before he realizes what he said! It is amazing how much he has grown. Grampa's old body is sorer after a weekend with Henry than after a 40 mile bike ride! It will not be long until picking up Henry and carrying him around is a past activity for Grandma and Grandpa! Henry, you are just a great kid and we love having you visit us!
Grandma and Grandpa

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  1. Maggie caan't wait to spend a weekend with Grandma and Grandpa!