Global Warming?

Finishing a 34 mile loop in Glasgow, the bank thermometer read 68 degrees!  Now I know those thermometers are famous for reading a few degrees high, but 68 degrees on December 16th; that's hot for Central Virginia.  Now I know we can't link a day or a week of abnormally warm weather to Global Warming, but it is sure nice to be able to ride a bike comfortably even in mid December!  The ride took us north to Buena Vista via River Road and then south to Natural Bridge.  Riding the loop counterclockwise calls for climbing, lots of climbing.  Nothing steep, but a lot of elevation gain mile after mile!  One stop gave the ride an international flair; a visit to Foamhenge just before we entered Natural Bridge.  If you do this ride, the end is a treat as there is a 6-7 mile roll into Glasgow where you can glide quickly over the pavement with little effort expended!

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