Thanksgiving is a family holiday and in what has become a tradition, we headed to NC.  Jim and Linda host the entire clan for dinner.  Gretchen and I are grateful to be included and appreciate the work the Alexander's put into the event.  We also enjoy catching up with their extended family even though everyone supports different ACC teams!

The big news this year was announced via Henry's tee-shirt; he's going to be a big brother! Katie is pregnant and is due in July!  What a joy! Katie will graduate in May, take Boards in June, deliver in July and be able to stay at home for a few months with the baby.  That is the plan.  Congratulations Katie and David.  We hope all goes well!

On Friday, the Alexander's go to the Fire Department to buy their tree and we decorate it listening to Christmas music.  Traditions continue on Saturday as we eat breakfast at Elmo's and watch the UVA-Tech football game.  Not good for the Wahoos this year, but maybe next year is our year! We had a great time as always this Thanksgiving.  We know the same is true for Kelley, Seth and Maggie as they celebrate the holiday with the Hill clan in Monroe, NC!

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