The crowds are gone, shops are shuttered, the pace is slower and there is a chill in the air. Walks on the beach listening to the surf are still delightful, seafood still abounds and the weather surprisingly, is hospitable enough for many outdoor activities. It is the time of year when locals take a break from their busy summer tourist duties, roads are under construction and landlords prep their vacation rentals for the coming season. These are the insights we had when Gretchen and I visited sailing friends Sarah and Jack in Avon on the Outer Banks of NC, where they have recently begun to spend three or four months each winter.

Not long after our arrival, Gretchen needed a Fitbit walk to get her daily numbers up! Although 10,000 steps was not in the cards for this travel day, it set the stage for exploring Avon in the morning. Saturday, Jack kept asking, how many steps do we have now....and could not believe they were accumulating so slowly! In the end, we all earned 15,000 step badges by the time we returned from dinner at Cafe 12! Sunday, we explored Hatteras Village and Light House. Gretchen and I can't believe how much this end of the island has built up since we visited....decades ago! We hoped to visit Ocracoke but the ferries were running erratically due to shoaling in the channel. Will Sarah and Jack get Fitbits? I don't know but it seems Jack got the bug. Rumor has it on Sunday he was spotted walking up and down the aisles with Sarah in tow in the Dollar Tree Store to add to his daily count while avoiding the evening chill!

Guys, it was a really fun weekend. We appreciate you inviting us and your generous hospitality. Thanks so much. If you decide to spend time next winter in Avon, we'll be happy to make tracks to the Outer Banks once again!


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