The Holidays

As I sit watching the Orange Bowl, the holidays are drawing to a close, and Gretchen and I are relishing a few hours of downtime following five days of grandchildren filling the house with squeals, laughs and constant motion. It is a pleasure and blessing to share these days with family and friends we love; how fortunate we are!

Kelley, Seth and Maggie were here a few days before the Alexanders came and we got to spend some alone time with Maggie. She has grown out of her stranger anxiety, is walking, climbing, and babbling away like any toddler her age. She is a beautiful, strong willed, blue eyed girl! It is hard to believe she was a premie.

Maggie sees her picture in Jib Jab stories.
When Katie, David, Henry and Audrey arrived on Friday, it was present opening time; a time Henry was keen to supervise. How fun it is to see the kids playing with their toys coupled with the memories recalled from days gone by when Kelley and Katie were their age. I wonder if they remember Santa's sleigh bells jingling outside of their bedroom windows? Audrey is growing and changing weekly. Next year she will be walking around the house babbling, just like Maggie this year!

Henry with this year's Hess truck.
The tree is down, decorations put away but fine memories remain. We appreciate Kelley, Seth, Katie and David making the effort to all get to Lynchburg at the same time! Thanks for everything. It was neat to see Maggie getting to know new cousins. I continue to be amazed about how much Henry likes Jib Jab books. Whenever I see him, he quickly grabs my iPAD and asks to Jib Jab. I wonder if Maggie will like those stories with her picture in them as much?

Maggie and Audrey getting to know each other.
One item to note....our dinner group decided to donate to Heifer International this year....raising $670.00....enough for 2 goats, 2 sheep, 8 flocks of chickens and a hive of bees to be sent to needy folks around the world. What a neat gift! Thanks to all!

Happy New Year!


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