Segue into Old Age

Mercy, how does one make the transition into being an official senior citizen? Hard to believe I turned 65 on Tuesday! How about taking a Segway tour? Emily told us about a tour she and David took on his birthday and the Living Social deal available from River City Segs in Richmond. So Grectchen got the deal and to Richmond we are bound; after voting of course.

River City Segs is located in Shockoe Bottom in an old firehouse. They have a neat indoor course to train you how to ride a Segway. If you can do the course, you'll have no trouble out on the streets. We did the history tour because our historical knowledge is scant! Jeff, our guide, did a super job. We learned a lot and went to many places we had never been before. They have ghost tours and art tours too. After hours of touring, we definitely had Segway legs! I'll let you discover what that condition is on your own. But suffice it to say, we highly recommend taking a Segway for a spin. It is a very cool adventure!

Gee, it's almost 5 p.m. and we are just across the James River bridge from Legends Brewery. Guess we'll have to go there for dinner....and we did. Tasting note: Gretchen and I could not tell the difference between their regular porter and their seasonal chocolate porter. I guess we lack the buds! And yes David, their collard greens are superb.

Thanks Gretchen for a great birthday adventure! Love you!!


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