South Carolina 11/2013

Smiles, giggles, cries, yells, babbling, exploring, running...a granddaughter is a precious gift. Maggie is no longer a baby. She is a tall, strong willed toddler, always in motion and a joy to be around. I find myself looking at her while drifting backward 30+ years and seeing Kelley running in the same tip-toed way across the lawn or smiling with the same wide grin.

I remember the pre-school years when we could not go by a playground on a trip without yells from the backseat pleading for a stop.....SEE that playground over there DAD?

We had a fun weekend with the Hills. Got to check out Seth's Mr. Sparky truck and see him in his work duds. Congratulations on your new job Seth. I'm glad you like it a lot! Most of the time we just checked out the local sites between stops at the playground. I think I'll just let the photos below relate our activities.

Strolling on the Garden City Pier.
Lunch at Bisquit.
Watching the Carolina Panthers!
Reading a book on the iPAD.
Testing a Pawleys Island rope hammock.

Thanks for the hospitality. Love you guys!


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