A man and his growler

Headed to Saunders Orchard this afternoon for peaches (did that) and found ourselves in the village of Crozet on the 3:00 p.m. Starr Hill Brewery tour. Starr Hill has been the fastest growing craft brewer in the U.S.A. the past three years!

They distribute their beers from Maryland to Florida plus Tennesee and Kentucky. Starr Hill really ties the marketing of their beer to music venues in the mid-Atlantic states. They find it's a great way to introduce people to their brand. The electric in the building was off due to a thunder storm just before we arrived and it was hot! We were certainly ready for the tasting by the end of the tour.

Six beers were on tap today; Lucy, Love, Festie, Smoke Out, Northern Lights and Monticello. The beer was cold and tasted great in the heat. Along about the third tasting, I started admiring their growler. It had the coolest, ornate, Victorian handle and I was thinking it was a need rather than a want. So at tastings end, I inquired as to the cost of a growler filled with Northern Lights at which point a voice began cajoling....... surely, the plain handled growler is the one to get! The plain handle growler, really, I hadn't noticed it. It was not my alter ego speaking! But when queried by the bartender as to which growler I wanted, the plain handle or the coolest, ornate, Victorian handle for $5.00 more, my miserly instincts kicked in and I said the plain. So we ventured out of the building heat into the afternoon heat; me with my growler of Northern Lights pale ale (IBUs=52) and Gretchen with a bottle of Monticello (brewed without barley since Mr. Jefferson would not have used barley).

Happily at home.........a man and his growler!

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