Charlottesville Bike Club Rides

The Charlottesville Bike Club has a fine website ( with lists of paved and gravel road rides. Each ride has a cue sheet and map (.PDF or . Doc). We rode one ride last fall near Batesville and yesterday Gretchen and I rode one near Esmont. We did both with no scouting; just following the cue sheet. The maps and cue sheets are very accurate and provide all the information one needs for a safe navigation of the route.

Today's ride was a circuit from Esmont to Schuyler and back through hilly countryside (30 miles).

Large farms and timberland comprised most of the route with a short pedal along the James River to Howardsville. The Methodist Church founded in 1851 was an impressive old building in Howardsville. Near the end of the ride we passed a large farm with a huge house just north of Esmont Farm; no doubt a monument to it's owner's prosperity. Esmont Farm (formerly a plantation built in 1816) is still a working farm and is the reason the town of Esmont exists.

Gretchen looking at the dam on the Rockfish River in Schuyler.


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