60 degrees and riding

 How can one not ride a bike if it is 60 degrees in January?  The TOF Brothers say , "We must ride"!  So Gary led us on a 40 mile loop in Campbell and Bedford Counties mostly west of Evington.  

 As we pedaled up Johnson's Mountain Road, David and I thought we would end up at the star overlooking Roanoke since the hills just kept coming one after the other.  It wasn't hard climbing so we coined the term "rolling uphills" to describe the route.  

It seems every week we end up stopping at one of these old country stores located at some rural intersection; relics of a simpler time when transportation infrastructure didn't allow for fast jaunts into town and the regional chain grocery.

The temperature dropped 20 degrees today and the wind increased by 15 mph as winter weather blew into the region.  But have no fear, temperatures are on the rise next week after a chilly weekend and perhaps riding will be in the cards once again!

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