Christmas with Sally

 The flu got Sally over Christmas so we rescheduled a visit and celebrated this past weekend.  Katie and Henry came up from NC. We had a great time.  Henry enjoyed the idea of having more presents to open!  He didn't mind that most of the gifts were for Sally as long as he got to help her unwrap them!  Gretchen and I will look forward to the cooking class in Charlottesville; just a great gift!

  I cooked a "Southern Dinner" of pork tenderloin, greens and black eyed peas.  The peas from Katie's perspective were not a hit!  But Gretchen's malted milk ball cake was a grand slam! Several of us did enjoy the peas it must be said.  

Henry as usual, didn't let any moss grow under his feet and a trip to the tunnel on Blackwater Creek tired him out to the point he took a 4 hour nap!  We had to postpone a trip to his favorite playground a day due to darkness!  But have no fear, he was quite happy on Sunday to put Sally through her paces at the Linkhorne Playground.  Having followed Henry around the playground before, I was very happy Sally was on deck this weekend.  My guess is her body was not quite as happy when she arose on Monday morning!


 It was great to see Sally giggle and laugh with Henry not to mention her trips down the big slide!  We traverse many paths through life and some afford challenges.  Sally has her share at the moment with responsibilities at home and in the office, a long commute to work and the effects of Sjogren's Syndrome.  But she remains positive, upbeat and motivated; certainly a stance to be admired!  We love you Sally and hope we can get together more this year.



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