Last ride of the year

The TOF Brothers capped the year with a 45 mile ride through western Appomattox County on a balmy 55 degree  day during the last week of December.  It was a great cycling year with many miles traveled, great camaraderie and exercise, and really fun times; even a few libations!  

Today we arrived once again at the Sherwill Store, much to the surprise of the leader but not his companions!  We approached and passed this store many times this year and as of today we can truly say we have followed the "Four Winds" in our departures from its corner!  Our friend followed us for five or six miles, lagging behind on the downhills and then charging up the hills to catch up.  He's a very impressive dog!

Up until turning 50, I had routinely rode two thousand miles a year but worked combined with aging made that milage a memory.  So, being retired, I set a goal to ride two thousand miles this year.  I made it!  Total miles = 2,321.

Looking forward to another great year of cycling with the TOF Brothers in 2012.  May the road be smooth beneath our wheels, the wind be on our backs, the sun shine bright on ride days and the miles crank by with ease throughout the year!

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