He took us on dirt!

Yes, that is dirt and gravel my bicycle tire is resting on. It was a traumatic event for her (I assume bicycles like sailboats are referenced in the feminine). When we got home I had to give her Zoloft and a deep frame massage! The tragic event happened in Campbell County, some where on a road far, far removed between Rustburg and Gladys. So lets grade the ride.

  • 20 Fine cool fall day, wonderful, challenging 39 mile ride
  • 20 Beautiful rural countryside with large family farms and fine lunch spot
  • 10 Tons of domestic animals including the cutest goat ever
  • 0 Riding on Covered Bridge Road with no covered bridge
  • -100 Dirt road
  • -50 Total Points
He took us on dirt! Who did? Well, we can eliminate the author of this entry, and the rider with a hand made bicycle fit to his body specs, so that leaves..... ;-)

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