Last weekend we traveled to Hillsborough for a visit with our daughters and the grandchildren. As always, It was a fun weekend of family fun with soccer games, playgrounds, a brewery tour, a ride in the Alexander's new Toyota van ( a van..... the type of vehicle that Katie swore to me that she would never kids change life ) and a trip to Trader Joe's to pick up our coffees!

Gretchen and her girls!
The grand kids are are going through normal growing stages. Audrey is beginning to babble and smile, Maggie is emerging from stranger anxiety and learning to walk, and Henry is learning to ride his two wheeler. In fact, if he gets started, he can really truck on his bike. He totally wore his dad out at the playground as David ran to keep up with him speeding around the bike path. Henry just needs to learn to start and stop without falling and he will have the two wheeler mastered.


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