A baby shower was scheduled this weekend for Kelley and my job was to get Henry out of the house in the morning so the preparations could proceed quietly! Off to the PAL playground at Linkhorne Elementary we went. It is one of those expansive playgrounds with wooden towers and ramps kids can explore. It was fun to see Henry look around trying to figure out how to get to the big slide.

He finally did and from that moment on, he always took the same circuitous route to the slide. I even had to follow him several times so I could go down the slide! An hour passed quickly and we headed downtown to see the "water come out of the sidewalk"! Henry was not sure he liked the water that much but he loved watching the construction workers laying drainage pipe across the street! Next stop, McDonald's for lunch where I discovered the playground is really better for older kids. But Henry got Coke so life was good! A stop at the bakery to pick up the cake for the shower ended our adventure.

I know ten years from now, Henry will not remember anything from these days, but Grandpa will. Perhaps I'll drive by Linkhorne with him and tell him how proud he was when he figured out how to get up to the big slide. And he'll say, "Really Pa Pa, I don't think so"!

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