Weekly Bike Ride

David and I rode from Rustburg intending to go 48 miles. BUT, a missed turn at 36 miles landed us in Sprout Spring not on the way back to Rustburg. Consulting the iPhone, we figured it was best to backtrack, a decision that resulted in extending the ride to 58 miles!

David had to call it quits after 48 miles, a very respectable showing considering how much he has ridden this year! I returned to Rustburg, retrieved the car and some very large iced teas and we called it a day. Time....6:00 p.m.! I was so tired last night I couldn't even write this blog entry. The TOF Brothers should be back to full strength in the near future as Gary returns from vacation next week.

The Reynold's Grocery store (defunct) where we stopped for a break, has the sign below on it's side wall.

My first thought was I wonder if K.W. was the store owner? Did he die of lung cancer? The Marlboro Man was truly a great ad campaign but I think the proposed pictures the FDA wants on cigarette packages (like in Europe) are a lot closer to reality. ;)

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