Chesapeake Bay 2011

Sitting at anchor behind Berkley Island on the Piankatank River, it's cocktail hour! The day started making new arrangements to leave the car and trailer at Dozier's Regatta Point Marina (It's Gretchen's and my favorite in Deltaville). I also had my first phone conversation with grandson, Henry! SunShower got underway about 10:30a.m. heading south toward Mobjack Bay. Light winds called for a change in plans about 1:00p.m. and we headed up the Piankatank River! The wind filled and it was a fantastic run all the way up river to the bridge (7nm) on a sunny, cool day!

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Location:Dutton Rd,Dutton,United States

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  1. Sounds like a delightful day! Perfect sailing! Henry just bedded down after a full day of play! The 2 mothers are beat!