Pie Dreaming

If you wake up dreaming of pies, it's time to mount your horse, get on your bike or even get in your car and head to Elon, VA. Our preferred mode of transportation on this day was bicycle so Gary, Laurie, Gretchen and I set out this morning to visit the Pie Lady!

An hour and a half ride brought us to Woodruff's store with Angie (aka the Pie Lady) cooking for her usual lunch crowd. The store is a piece of Americana and the entire family is involved. Angie's sister and husband help with baking, cooking and waiting on customers. Angie's mom who ran the store for decades can always be found at her table chatting with customers; however, she did give up baking last summer...said it was just to hot to make fried pies.

Summer burger specials, chicken and potato salad along with fried apple pies made a mighty tasty lunch. The Sykora's friend Leah joined us at our table and took our picture for the wall of infamy! We'll look forward to seeing it on the board on our next visit. My those pies were good!!

Fueled and rested, we headed back to Lynchburg with a thunder storm circling around us always putting a wind to our faces....but nary a drop of rain.

Photo for the wall!


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