Chesapeake Bay 2011

Morning brought calm winds and light showers. Sailed under power down the Piankatank to Sting Ray Point. A 10 knot wind filled in from the north and had a great sail (Gretchen would have loved to be at the helm) this afternoon on the lower Rappahannock. Staying tonight at Windmill Point Marina. It's a great location with nice docks but all other facilities are temporary. It is in bank receivership. The beautiful club house/restaurant/office (picture below) is unusable; allegedly because a plumber flooded the brand new facility when he turned on the water! Hopefully, someone will buy the property; it is a great spot for a marina. There is a Tiki Bar here so I don't have to eat canned beans for dinner. Life is good!

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  1. Beautiful. Fingers crossed the winds and weather remain similar after graduation! So, I wonder if that plumber is still a plumber:-) AND
    Life is beyond good ~ can't get much better!